Uniform Investiture Badges and Awards

Uniform and Investiture

All members when attending the weekly meetings or scouting related activities will need to wear an official Beaver or Cub Scout Sweatshirt or Scout Shirt.  These can often be bought from local uniform outlets, or see all of our uniform and products online at Scout Store.

An official group neckerchief is presented to all young members when they are invested into scouting by their section leader, this is usually several weeks after joining.  Official uniform is also worn on special occasions, where we might ask members to make sure they have smart clothes on for things like parades.

Any member wishing to wear official uniform trousers or shorts may do so, but we don’t expect this. What we would ask is that all other items of clothing worn at weekly meetings are sensible, comfortable, and will allow young members to join in a variety of activities.

Badge Placement

Throughout their time in Scouting, all young members who are actively involved will be constantly working through a programme of activities and adventures, and developing lots of  skills for life along with way.  

Their achievements are recognised through the awarding of Activity and Challenge Badges, as well as other forms of recognition.  The Beavers and Cub uniform on the right shows you where all the badges need to go and how the uniform should be worn, if you click the image it will take you to the Scout Association website for section specific unifroms and badge positions. Oh, and don’t worry too, we will show everybody how to roll and wear their neckerchief.

All badges are to be sewn onto their uniform in the appropriate place and we encourage the children to have a go at doing this themselves, especially once they reach the Scout section. If you have any questions about badges and awards, please speak to our Section Leaders.